New Products

 LPS2500 DF Linear Plasma Source, Dual Frequency

NEW Linear Source for flexible and rigid substrates, ETCH & PECVD Applications


Renderings of Linear Plasma Source Equipment Applications


 Solar Cell PECVD Reactor 



                        Solar Cell Texturizing Plasma Etch Reactor                          


       R&D Roll-to-Roll PECVD or PVD Reactor        


A EITI 603-3 Target Sputtering Systems

Either DC or RF sputter capabilities Computer controlled for up to 300mm wafer si

MFD-300 Wafer Cleaning or Flux Dispense System

Fully Automated Robotically controlled, can include backend system with Buffer/Indexer to store 300mm wafers, robot and foup for exit wafers.

MFD-300 Facility Drawings (Download; Adobe Reader PDF)
MFD-300 Buffer Index Drawings (Download; Adobe Reader PDF)

EITI Gen 2 Flat Panel Ash/Etch for organics

Click here for a video

Features High density downstream source called the Revolution by MKS Instruments. System includes 2000 watt RF generator, turbomolecular pump optional and spectrometer endpoint by Ocean Optics. Low temperature operation <100 degrees Centigrade optional or standard heated chuck for ashing >250 degrees Centigrade. Robotically controlled load/unload with National Instruments Labview operating system and software makes this a production worthy asher for large area panel processing.

R&D single wafer plasma etch systems

...Using characterized process chambers from all major Etch manufacturers cluster modules. Includes EITI PC based control system and software gas box (4 or more gases) AC distribution, magnetically coupled vacuum loadlock and robotics built in. Allows qualified existing processes to etch silicon nitride, silicon dioxide, aluminum, Titanium, GaAs, deep silicon etch, and many others to qualify dielectric or metal etches using standard recipes from the major etch companies. Once qualified for your process, integration to standard cluster tool environments is seamless. All connections use existing plugs for upgrade to cluster tools at a later time. Low cost and ease of integration where small footprint is important.

EITI Vacuum Robot

uses magnetically coupled system for very low pressure capabilities. Direct drive motors provide unmatched accuracy and reliability when compared to robots with drive belts. Simplicity at its best makes for a high volume production robot.

EITI’s R&D loadlock chamber

Capable of processing up to 300mm substrates. Choices of MESC capable gate valves or standard Applied gates to accommodate many different  process cluster modules from the major manufacturers. Includes built in vacuum robot. Loadlock keeps the operator from dangerous gas exposure and provides consistent process results by eliminating moisture and air into the process chamber between wafer load and unload cycles.

Production tested control system by EITI

includes standard electronic boards from National Instruments for ease of replacement and the field proven Labview software object oriented software system. Labview is in use at many universities and has become the premier controls software of many automated equipment companies.

Example:  Operator screen of a plasma etch system shows real time running parameters of  pressure, ICP power, RIE Power, gas flows for up to 5 gases. Real time schematic show operation of turbo pump and pendulum valve for fast accurate control of all parameters. Endpoint system is Ocean Optics spectrometer with unlimited wavelength selection for either endpoint or diagnostic purposes. Operator, Engineer, and Maintenance levels prevents untrained personnel from accessing critical settings